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Gioco di ruolo

Gio 19 Feb 2015 - 9:29 Da Lion Vega

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.
Un gioco di ruolo, abbreviato spesso in GdR, GDR o RPG (dall'inglese role-playing game), è un gioco dove i giocatori interpretano il ruolo di uno o più …

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HeroWarz Overview

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HeroWarz Overview

Messaggio  Lion Vega il Mer 22 Giu 2016 - 11:57

HeroWarz is an isometric action RPG featuring a large library of characters to choose from. Travel between isolated worlds, questing and leveling with a narrative driven by stylistic comic book story panels. Acquire new skills as your grind through over 100 levels. If you're not happy with your character you can switch at any time, keeping the same username. Enter a map and decimate endless hordes of creatures, ultimately summoning the boss mob. Fight efficiently and improve your score to reap better rewards at the end of the map, and pick up charming score-improving item from enemies such as cartoon ham and ice cream cones. Fight cooperatively with your friends or take to the 4v4 PvP arena and become the strongest fighter.

HeroWarz Key Features:

Difficulty Levels - each area's difficlty can be ramped up to provide further challenges and better rewards.
Character Selection - choose between a large library of hero characters with distinct skillsets, and easily switch between them.
Charming Aesthetics - from stylistic comic book narrative sequences to flopping fish and ice cream item drop rewards.
Over 100 Levels - persist through the endless grind featuring over 100 levels, unlocking new skills along the way.
4v4 PvP - compete in 4v4 MOBA-stylized PvP arenas where players have 5 skills and gain experience by killing enemies.

HeroWarz Official Site http://herowarz.koggames.com/
HeroWarz Developer Website https://www.astorm.com/

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